New area, new venues, new faces, new potential for matches and love! Avoid all the traffic and time travelling to Downtown Toronto for most of Toronto’s social events. Instead we offer a convenient location at central Vaughan. Some of our events will offer appetizers and some others will offer a dinner buffet with your speed dating experience with us! Speed dating in general is a great way to meet singles face to face. More and more people are trying it nowadays as the concept is unique and becoming more popular. Speed dating compared to online dating gives you that face to face interaction and gives you a chance to see and feel if any chemistry develops in hopes for matches! If your someone with a busy lifestyle and always running into dead ends with dating, or if your someone who is getting no where with online dating…..then trying GTA North Speed Dating is for YOU!


At future events after i attend my first one ever, will there be the same participants?

We absolutely get it! We understand that coming across someone from a previous let down date is always awkward. We also know you don’t want to see the same faces at a second or at a third event over and over again. Good News! Our systems and spreadsheets are all set up to keep a track record of every event YOU attend! So in conclusion simply let us know through email that you would like to come out again but with new faces and we will take note of your request and let you know what event will be best for you in the near future!


What am i paying for?

  • 8-15 dates
  • a fabulous night out
  • opportunity to interact with the opposite sex ( great way to build self-esteem for all you shy ones out there)
  • appetizers or dinner buffet
  • Pay by PayPal on website or etransfer.


How long is each event?

GTA North speed dating will roughly range anywhere from 1.5 hours ( around 8-12 dates) to 2 hours ( around 12-15 dates) with a 10 minute break at the mid-point of the event.


What if i get no matches?

Dating is a game of numbers, “the more the merrier”, so the more you meet the better your chances become in finding a match! We understand that it may take time and multiple events to maximize the number of people you meet. We also understand that you work hard for your money and it is disappointing if you feel it went to waste. That is why we will always have this following offer available to all : “2 events with no matches, then the 3rd event is on us!”


What type of events will be happening?

Refer to the “Speed Dating Events” tab for all upcoming events! or Click this link https://gtanorthspeeddating.ca/speed-dating-events/