You simply show up at the venue 20-30 minutes prior to the event time set and help your self to appetizers. Participants will get a check box sheet with a list of all dates they will be on. Once the host rings the bell all female participants will be asked to be seated at there numbered tables and guys will simply move from table to table every 6 minutes once the bell gets rung again.

During your 6 minute session to mingle if you like the person you are speed dating with, then simply check the “yes” box beside that persons name and the “no” box if you don’t. ( everyone’s individual sheets are kept private and confidentially to eliminate that feeling of rejection for the other person if there is no connection ). We want everyone not to worry about rejection and instead have a fun time and be excited for potential matches!!

Once the night is over all participants will hand in there check box sheets to the host, and within 48 hours the host will email every participate there matches!

Note: Approximately half way into the event there will be a 10 minute break.

Note: If you have been to 2 events with us and have had zero matches then your 3rd event is on us!! (remember the key is meeting as many people as possible, dating is a game of numbers, “the more the merrier”, so the more you meet the better your chances become in finding a match! …..and we will have events all year long to enhance everyones chances at getting matches!)

Note: We allow 1-2 years leeway on the age range listed for our events.

Note: Dress to impress!

Note: Show up 20-30 minutes prior to the event time listed. If you are late to an event, holds the right to your seat.