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1. As a viewer and user of this website, you are agreeing to release the company gtanorthspeeddating.com, and/or any sponsors or regions of any and all liability.

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5. You the “user’s”  participation in gtanorthspeeddating.com is entirely at your own risk and you agree to waive any and all liability against gtanorthspeeddating.com, the venue that the event is held at, any sponsors associated with the event or the Company, and/or all staff members, hosts associated with gtanorthspeeddating.com.

6. You the “user” by participating in any gtanorthspeeddating.com event, you are giving permission for gtanorthspeeddating.com to forward your email address to your mutual matches, participants that you choose and participants that also choose you.

7. gtanorthspeeddating.com does not pre-screen participants in any way shape or form. “You” the registered participant agree to release gtanorthspeeddating.com from any liability and assume all the risk and assume full responsibility regarding any person you meet at a gtanorthspeeddating.com event. To ensure your safety, we recommend you take the same precautions and steps you would take in meeting any new person. We are not liable or responsible for bad dates or failed dates, you are responsible for your own safety at all times.

9. gtanorthspeeddating.com has the right to remove any participant from an event if that person acts in a way that we feel is aggressive, rude, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or threatening in any way to other participants, hosts or staff at any of our venues.

10. gtanorthspeeddating.com is not responsible or liable for any lost items at our events. Keep your items close and be cautious and mindful of your possessions you bring with you to the events.

11. All registered event participants are solely responsible for there own safety during the events and after the events are over. gtanorthspeeddating.com is not liable or responsible for intoxicated participants that leave and operate a motor vehicle. We strongly recommend participants to not excessivley drink. Every participant agrees not to operate a motor vehicle if intoxicated and instead seek alternative means of transportation to ensure there own safety.

12. All registered event participants in gtanorthspeeddating.com events attend and participate at his or hers own risk and you agree to waive any and all liability against gtanorthspeeddating.com, our hosts and employees, the venue the event is held at, venue staff, and advertisers associated with the venue event and or gtanorthspeeddating.com.

13. gtanorthspeeddating.com may or may not use pictures taken at events for website galleries and/or for social media marketing. Participants should let the event host know if they would not like to be in pictures.

14. All registered event participants in gtanorthspeeddating.com events agree to waive any and all liability against gtnnorthspeeddating.com, our hosts and venues in relation to Covid-19 cases and outbreaks. All participants who are Covid positive or are experiencing any symptoms agree not to attend events. Participants who are concerned with covid-19 should not attend events.

Anyone who disagrees with gtanorthspeeddating.com terms and policies should not register/participate in our events and should leave the site.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make it out to the event, please send us an e-mail at gtanorthspeeddating@outlook.com and provide us with your first and last name. We do not offer refunds, however with 72 hours notice we can transfer your event registration purchase to an upcoming future event of your choosing!

If you are late to an event and the event has already started, GTA North Speed Dating holds the rights to your seat.

If an event is cancelled due to severe weather conditions, you will have the option for a full refund or credit to another future event.